EFI Fiery : EFI Fiery Digital Printing Solution

Innovative Fiery digital printing solution and workflow
software help you get more from your printer.

Fiery® print servers are feature-rich digital front ends (DFEs) that drive a full range of color and black-and-white digital print engines. Fiery DFEs provide constant innovations in color and imaging, productivity, management, and connection — so you can produce high-quality, accurate output; quickly and efficiently.

The Fiery Workflow Suite products expand the power of Fiery servers, providing solutions for every stage in the print production process. The modular products broaden the server functionality for more advanced color management, automation and job preparation. You can choose what you need now, and add more as you need to adapt to changing market demands or to grow your business. Using Fiery Workflow Suite products can reduce labor costs, improve output quality, cut job turnaround time and reduce waste.

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