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Soitaab Plasma Nova

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Main Features

  • The frame: made from structural square profile beams, welded into one piece and machined in a single position thanks to the availability of 16 ft. x 65 ft. (5m x 20m) CNC Boring and Milling machine center at the Soitaab facility.
  • The beam (Portal): made of a rigid welded structure. This element has been designed to host the different carriages with all of the relevant options.
  • Cutting table: a built in cutting table is completely stand alone and is divided in sectors in order to concentrate the fume extraction directly under the cutting operation.
  • Downdraft is from both sides by 2 lateral channels with dampers which are automatically opened by the CNC when the torch is positioned above that section. Inside the cutting table are placed scrap containers which allow for easy scrap removal from the side of the table.
  • The transverse plasma carriage: CNC controlled Z-axis, with Automatic height control by arc voltage (AVC). “TAG” Automatic initial positioning via plate sensing by means of the torch touch itself or ohmic contact when working with thin material. Torch equipped with magnetic breakaway anti-collision device.
  • The CNC: S.H.M.I – Soitaab Human Machine Interface (touch screen) for an intuitive, user friendly and self- learning CNC control operations.



    • Working Area: 5 ft. x 10ft. up to 10 ft. x 46 ft. (1,5m x 3m up to 3m x 14m)
    • Carriage Stroke z axis (vertical) – 11.8 inch (300 mm)
    • Motors ( x, y , z ) – Brushless
    • Driver ( x, y , z ) – Digital
    • Positioning Speed – 2756 ipm (70 m/min)
    • Repeatability – +/- 0.002” (+ – 0,05 mm/m)
    • CNC – Soitaab CNC
    • Monitor – 15” Touch Panel Screen
    • Data Communication – USB – Ethernet – LAN
    • Cutting Technologies – Plasma




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