MultiCam Celero 7 Series


The MultiCam Celero 7 Series Digital Finishing Cutting System seamlessly balances speed and precision all in one package. With five different models ranging in table size from 5’ x 10’ to 10’ x 13’ the Celero 7 Series provides the capacity to cut three (3) 4’ x 8’ boards on the table at the same time. With it’s high-speed cutting, up to 7,800 IPM, the Celero 7 Series will allow you to increase productivity to meet your customers demands.

Engineered to provide end-users with unparalleled performance as well as pristine cut quality, the Celero 7 Series utilizes linear motors to reach acceleration speeds of 1.2 G’s. With a registration accuracy of .001 inches, the Celero 7 Series of Cutters/Routers provide the industry’s highest quality of accuracy for repeatable cutting.

These Digital Finishing Systems offer cutting speeds of up to 7,800 IPM as well as 11,030 IPM maximum traverse speed. This helps end-users substantially reduce sheet-to-sheet time and help maximize production speeds and workflow. Whether you’re cutting Foamcore, Coroplast, Styrene, Acrylic, Metals or other
substrates, the Celero 7 Series will give you the consistency you are looking for.

    • 3kw 50K RPM HSD Spindle
    • Automatic Knife Tool Changing System
    • Automatic Router Bit Changing System
    • High Speed Linear Motors
    • High Flow Vacuum Table (12 Zones)
    • 2” Cut Capacity
    • Digital AC Servo Drives
    • 3 Independent Z-Axis Heads
    • Integrated Touchscreen Workstation
    • Automatic Tool Calibration
    • Automatic Surfacing
    • Linear Encoder system
    • Modular Design (Fits Through Standard 60” Door)
    • Conveyor
    • Digital Camera Registration System
    • Laser Pointer
    • Pneumatic Slide Valves




ACS Partner Brand Line Up revise 2020 - MultiCam Celero 7 Series