Multicam Celero 5 Series


MultiCam Celero 5 Series combines high speed camera registration with powerful routing and knife-cutting for a versatile yet affordable system. With its 5’ x 10’ working surface along with its optional conveyor, the Celero 5153 is capable to cut and route all of your rigid and flexible substrates.

MultiCam’s Celero 5 Series combines both powerful routing and high-speed knife cutting capabilities in a Digital Cutting system. With knife cuttings speeds up to 4,000 Inches per Minute (IPM) and the MultiVision Digital Registration Camera System, the Celero 5 Series family of cutters/routers provides end-users the performance and high-quality cutting capabilities demanded into today’s fast-paced industry.



    • Automatic Knife Tool Changing System
    • Automatic Router Bit Changing System
    • High Flow Vacuum Table
    • 2” Cut Capacity
    • Digital AC Servo Drives
    • 3 Independent Z-Axis Heads
    • Automatic Tool Calibration
    • Automatic Surfacing
    • Linear Encoder system
    • Conveyor
    • Laser Pointer
    • Pneumatic Slide Valves
    • Table size: 64” x 120”
    • 3 HP Router




ACS Partner Brand Line Up revise 2020 - MultiCam Celero  5 Series