Massivit : Massivit 1800 Large Format 3D Printer

Massivit 1800 Large Format 3D Printer


The Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D Printer is the first of its kind to produce super-size, crowd-stopping signage, displays, and props for visual communication. Offering an unprecedented printing speed, it is designed to enable business growth through scalability of printing heads and versatile printing materials.



    • No. of printing heads: 1 or 2, with option to scale
    • Unprecedented printing speed: 300 mm/sec linear speed 35cm /13.7” on Z axis per hour* Printing quality: Normal/ Quality/ High Resolution
    • Maximum printing volume: 145 x 111 x 180cm or 57 x 44 x 70″
    • Supported materials: Proprietary Dimengel 100 and future specialty gels
    • Integrated software: Massivit Smart




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