EFI : EFI Pro 24f

EFI Pro 24f


The EFI Pro 24f LED flatbed printer delivers the most powerful results with outstanding image quality at production speeds, broad color gamut, optimized ink usage and access to more profitable jobs. The EFI™ Pro 24f LED flatbed printer contains the most powerful features from LED and variable drop grayscale head technology to its true flatbed design with moving gantry and multi-zoned vacuum table. It’s the strategic choice for printers producing graphic arts, art reproductions, membrane switches, graphic overlays – and other specialty applications up to 2 inches thick – as well as overflow printing and where precision and fine-detail, image quality, and speed are critical to meeting customers’ demands.


    • True 4 ft x 8 ft (1.2 m x 2.4 m) flatbed architecture with moving carriage and gantry, and a vacuum system to hold media stationary on a flat surface, ensuring accurate registration for multiple over-prints or panels
    • Four colors plus dual channels of white standard, and single-pass, multilayer printing
    • Variable-drop grayscale print capability for high quality imaging
    • LED for lower power consumption, less waste, and the use of thinner substrates
    • Four user-selectable vacuum zones designed to match the most common media sizes without masking, ensuring efficient hold-down, no unintended media movement and easy transitions between jobs
    • Easy edge-to-edge printing (full bleed), reducing finishing time Multi-board, including different size boards, printing simultaneously
    • Ideal for the printing of high-value applications, such as lenticulars and photographic backlit displays, exotic materials, and irregularly-shaped or heavy objects
    • Includes an EFI Fiery® proServer Core digital front end, featuring FAST RIP acceleration technology, plus RIP and print on demand functionality or the ability to print pre-ripped files



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