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The Coherent CREATOR 3D metal printer delivers unmatched ease-of-use, economy, and speed for fabricating prototype and short production run components. Priced dramatically lower than traditional 3D metal printing machines, this system can rapidly create parts from a wide range of powdered metal alloys such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, cobalt-chrome, brass, and bronze.

With an impressive and contemporary design, the CREATOR is a contained hardware system. In combination with the sophisticated CAM software APP SUITE and a smart interface the CREATOR is a
fully working 3D metal printing system with no need for third party components or software. The high-end system offers all the advantages of additive manufacturing. Components and constructions in almost every geometric shape that cannot be manufactured using traditional manufacturing techniques can be created easily and quickly. The building chamber contains an innovative coating concept that makes an accelerated and smooth operation possible–and hence a manufacturing speed that is 30 % quicker than comparable systems on the market.
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    Laser Power Type: Fiber 250 Watts
    Laser Wavelength: 1070nm
    Building Platform: 100mm x 110mm
    Reservoir Volume: 110mm x 200mm
    Material Deposition: Scraper
    Repeatability: x=15μm, y=15μm, z=15μm
    Min. Feature Size: x=80μm, y=80μm, z=20μm
    Typical Accuray: 40μm
    Dimensions: 717mm x 858mm x 1794mm
    Portable controller Provides the most intuitive graphical user interface running on a tablet
    Powder reservoir can contain almost double the powder quantity
    Maximum productivity by a unique circular coater design
    Simple and precise positioning of the building platform due to the zero-point clamping system
    Integrated filter system cleans the oxygen-free atmosphere within the construction chamber
    250 W laser power source provided with built-in tuning
    Dental Components, Tooling, Mold Making, Powder Development Research


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