Cms : CMS High Speed 5-Axis Machining Centers


ACS has partnered with CMS to offer our customers a full range of industry-leading technology, custom curated to take your production to the next level. The CMS product line opens up new opportunities for ACS to consolidate the acquisition of equipment for your company. The combination provides turn-key solutions for your equipment and workflow with various manufacturing techniques that overlap to provide the best solutions to our customers.

The end result is simplified manufacturing at a lower cost while producing the highest quality parts for your end user.

cms - CMS High Speed 5-Axis Machining Centers


CMS is a world leader in processing a wide variety of materials: wood, plastic, glass, stone, metal and composites. They are established in various market sectors, including furniture, construction, automotive, aerospace, ship-building and plastic processing industries. CMS provides a broad range of automated and turn-key solutions including:

  • CNC machining centers
  • Thermoforming machines
  • Glass & stone cutting equipment
  • CNC cutting robots
  • Waterjet systems
  • CNC mills & routers

With over 1,400 installations across North America and 40+ professional sales, technicians, parts and administrative personnel, CMS has the resources for reliable and efficient manufacturing at the highest level.


ACS Partner Brand Line Up revise 2020 - CMS High Speed 5-Axis Machining Centers